Ravelli Muslin Backdrop 100% Cotton, Black, 9 x 10.8'


This is a 100% cotton backdrop made from a loose weave pattern with relatively thick thread.  The initial sizes of the fabrics are 10x12', but after heat treatment the actual sizes are shortened.


The material is 100% cotton which can wrinkle significantly.  100% cotton offers very good photographic results, but some combination of hanging, spraying, ironing, steaming and/or photo editing may be necessary to deal with wrinkles and shadows.


100% cotton is also heavy and is a woven material.  The weight can be excessive for some background stands.  And the weave pattern can allow a certain amount of bleed through from background lighting.  Ravelli attempts to achieve the best possible balance of weight and light handling characteristics for the photographer.


All sides are stitched to avoid unraveling and a 3.4" rod pocket is sewn into the top. Each backdrop is folded and comes in a plastic bag to avoid moisture and stains and then each bag is packed in a cardboard box for shipping.